New date of Workshop

Together with my manager we’ve decided to change the day of the Workshop - it was really short notice) And many people wrote me questions about next time..

I want to give different opportunities for photographers to practice - to try different styles and types of photography. I’m planning another photography workshops in Helsinki.

Turned out that not so many people were interested in Beauty and Mixed lights workshops - strange, you could’ve tried new things and could’ve had interesting and high quality photos. 

Please, feel free to write me an email - what kind of photography would be interesting for you to practice?

let’s start normal life again!

I’m tired of this kind of life. I think you too..

I’ve decided to start a series of photography Workshops.

First of all - it’s always great opportunities to take some good images for your portfolio)

But more important thing - you’ll do it the right way with a person who is pretty experienced in it.

You just skip part when you’re frustrated about all these lights and  techniques, and model, makeup artist…

I’ve been there, done that:)

And workshops really helped me to grow faster. I don’t know how many of them I’ve visited, but believe me - a lot.

It’s a bit faster to learn - you see how the master is working, lights, communication with the team - everything like in real situations. 

After 10 years of learning, working and improving my skills, I can say that I’m ready to share my experience with another photographers and teach them the best way I know)

These Workshops are held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which in turn allows you  to enjoy your experience working with me and my creative team.

Let’s start!

First Workshop is on the 13th of March.

no more than 15 people, so book your place and see you soon!

If you have any questions, feel free to write me

English from now on.

Turned out that I have more and more clients who speak English or other languages, I’ve decided to change language here completely. I’m not fluent in English, so if you see any mistakes - please write me about it)

I would really appreciate it!

And let me know if you’re interested in any articles - what do you want to know? I can share my huge experience with you:)

For now I can tell that I’m looking for someone who can manage my workshops and other work with clients.

I don’t have specific requirements , just- be confident, don’t take NO as an anaswer, know how to work with social media, how to work with people, and it would be really good if you know something about photography) Please write me in instagram or email

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