Discover the Art of Fashion Through the Lens and Brush of Julia Borodina

As a fashion photographer with over a decade of experience, I've dedicated myself to crafting visuals that capture the essence of style and elegance. My work ranges from creating stunning model portfolios and dynamic images for clothing brands to captivating personal photoshoots. I tailor my approach to bring your unique vision to life, ensuring every image reflects your individuality and style.

My passion for photography and a deep connection to painting led me to explore the fusion of these two art forms, resulting in my unique PhotoART creations. These high-quality prints are enhanced with my personal touch, blending the immediacy of photography with the expressive depth of painting.

While studying in art school, I discovered a profound connection with abstract art. This exploration allows me to convey emotions and thoughts through vibrant colors and dynamic forms. My work now spans from fashion photography to abstract paintings, each piece reflecting my journey and passion. Whether you're looking for striking images or captivating art, my work is designed to connect with you on a personal level, bringing beauty and inspiration to your space.

Fashion Photography that Captures Your Essence

Photography for me is a collaborative journey. Whether you're a fashion designer seeking the perfect campaign, a model ready to elevate your portfolio, or a business professional wanting to enhance your brand, I'm here to create with you. We'll work together from the initial concept to the final shot—selecting locations, coordinating wardrobes, and choosing props that showcase your vision. My goal is to ensure that every detail is perfect and that the final results not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Bespoke Digital Artistry: Your Story, Your Art

Step into the spotlight with a personalized photoshoot that captures your essence. We'll transform your favorite image into a timeless digital artwork, reflecting your unique personality and style. Elevate your creation with digital art, offering endless possibilities for prints on canvas, paper, acrylic, or metal. Embrace the freedom to create a truly personalized experience for your space.

Unique Art Creations: Where Photography
Meets Paint

Combining my love for photography and painting, each piece in this collection starts with a high-quality photograph and is enhanced with hand-applied paint and creative media. This fusion creates unique, handcrafted artworks that bring depth, texture, and vibrant life to any space. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and exclusivity to your home, office, or as a standout gift.

Discover the Depth of Modern Abstract

My exploration of materials and mediums has also led me to create abstract paintings. These works strip down forms and objects, focusing on the emotions and sensations they evoke. Each painting is an invitation to experience feelings and awaken different emotions, turning simple spaces into places of inspiration and beauty.

You’re in the right place to explore beautiful photography and unique art that resonates with your style. Take a moment to look through my work and see what inspires you. Let’s collaborate to bring your vision to life and create something truly special together.

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